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Sports Injuries

The knee is a common area of injury experienced in most sports, including rugby, football, tennis, squash, golf, skiing and athletics. 

There are many situations where the knee is susceptible to injury and can be due to impact (tackles), twisting, slipping or falling.  The knee is a complex joint and experiences significant stresses and strains and it’s not difficult to extend beyond the normal range of movement in such a way to cause injury. 

It is extremely important that an accurate assessment of injury is fully evaluated as soon as possible after the injury.  This will help your consultant minimise any further damage and advise on the quickest and most effective treatment to aid recovery. 

The management of each sporting injury should be tailored to meet your specific requirements, for an optimal outcome.

Goals of knee sports injury management include:

Sports specific rehabilitation

Sport Specific Rehabilitation is an integral part of a successful recovery.  This may be used as a primary treatment for a particular knee problem or may follow surgical intervention.  It is important there is a step-by-step, clear goal-orientated rehabilitation programme designed in conjunction with your orthopaedic consultant and the therapist involved in the rehabilitation.

With all round support, the injured player will understand this step-by-step method, and will achieve full function by achieving the targeted goals along the recovery pathway.

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